Affiliated Ministries of St. Alphonsus Parish

Friends of St Alphonsus:  St. Alphonsus church was built in 1856 by and for the spiritual welfare of Irish immigrants who lived throughout New Orleans but in particular the area known as the Irish Channel. For many years it continued as a parish church until all Masses and the celebration of the Sacraments was centered at St. Mary’s Assumption Church, the German church, located directly across the street, which is also part of St. Alphonsus Parish. Website 

For the last twenty five years a very dedicated group of individuals known as the Friends of St. Alphonsus have seen to the maintenance and gradual restoration of St. Alphonsus Church. While it is part of St. Alphonsus Parish, no Masses are celebrated in this church nor are any of the sacraments such as weddings celebrated here. The church is available, however, for meetings, its annual concert series, its December Christmas crèche display, and wedding receptions. The church is open Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. until 2:00 p.m. Visitors are welcome. For more information or to inquire about using the church please call 504-524-8116.   Website 

St. Alphonsus School: Administered by the Sisters of Mercy the school offers pre-school through 7th grade education.  It is part of the Catholic Archdiocese of New Orleans education system. Website 

Seelos Welcome Center:  This center highlights the life and ministry of Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos, C.Ss.R. and serves as the primary voice for the canonization cause of Blessed Seelos.  The Center also administers the shrine in te back of St. Mary’s Assumption Church which contains the remains of Blessed Seelos.  Website

Hope House:  A drop in location which contains a food pantry for those in need as well as utility/rent assistance.  Courses are offered so an individual can receive his or her high school equivalency certificate.  Coffee shop for the homeless.  Meals are offered by the Catholic Workers on Tuesday evenings for the homeless.  Website 

Mercy Endeavors: Administered by the Sisters of Mercy, Mercy Endeavors serves as an outreach center for senior citizens looking for companionship, faith sharing, and sharing a meal. Website 

St. Thomas Clinic: is a clinic for those with minimal or no health insurance who need medical attention. Website 

St. Thomas Catholic Worker House: In the spirit of Dorothy Day and Peter Mauron this house of hospitality is geared especially at homeless families who need a place while they find permanent housing.

Redemptorist Elderly Apartments: Low income housing for the elderly is offered in an environment which encourages a sense of community and fellowship.