Pastor’s Corner

May 21, 2017

Dear Parish Family,

 St. Alphonsus Parish offers a wide variety of opportunities to people. How many of us have enjoyed days such as Family Day, the St. Joseph Altar or the opportunity to help others through our monthly collection of nonperishable food items? All of this is only possible because of so many who work together to make something happen. While it gives one a feeling of satisfaction to be part of something bigger than oneself, it is also a way that we live the gospel message to go out and tell the Good News to all.

 Since arriving here almost six years ago I am constantly amazed at the goodwill and generosity of so many. It really feels like a family who works together! The question often arises, what else should we be doing? One of the facts of life is that you not only need people who are dedicated and are willing to share their time, you need money to expand your efforts or enhance those already taking place.

 Our main sources of revenue are the Sunday collection, celebration of weddings, and outright donations. We receive no money from the Archdiocese nor from the Redemptorists. Obviously that puts a lot of pressure on those limited revenue streams to bring in enough money to do all that we are doing.

 We are not unique in this regard. Because of this reality most parishes have additional ways of raising money. It might be a parish gala, a raffle, multiple bake sales or something similar. As you know we have nothing like that.

 A Fundraising Committee has been initiated and is just starting to get off the ground. We need additional minds to help us think of ways to raise money that fits our character. We are not necessarily looking for an overwhelming flow of activities, but possibly one, two, or three activities a year that have been researched and well thought out that might help us raise additional money.

 Can you help us? I know that everyone is busy and might not feel they are very creative with ideas but everyone has a good sense about them that when they hear an idea or share an idea there may be others who can pick it up and help pursue it further.

 I would like to call a meeting of those members of the committee and others (please!) who might have an idea to share or listen to. If you are interested in lending a hand…in whatever way…please contact me at or 504-522-6748 so a date can be set for such a meeting.

 We are a rich community in so many different ways. Let’s see how we can use that richness to help us continue our mission by raising some dollars.

 Thought for the Week: “It is only by spending one’s self that one becomes rich.”

 Have a great week ahead!

 Fr. Richard

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