Pastor’s Corner

July 23, 2017

Dear Parish Family,

I’m not certain of the exact date, but we might consider this about the middle of summer. Hopefully you have found these days a little more restful and filled with a variety of opportunities such as visiting old friends, exploring new countries, and getting the cobwebs removed from that long forgotten corner of your home. Yes, summer is that and a whole lot more.

When we are in the middle of anything it offers us a unique vantage point. We look at what we have accomplished up to that point and what we hope to attain in the time that remains.

It is easier to ascertain the midpoint of some things than it is of others. We might recognize the middle of summer, the middle of a task, or the middle of a novel. Being able to gauge where I am makes planning and strategizing a little easier. I still have “X” amount to complete; I want to complete it by _____.”

One thing we cannot gauge is the middle of our life. We would like to imagine that we will live to 120 years old with 60 years being the mid-point and therefore having plenty of time to handle many things that we rather not deal with at this time. But we know that 120 years of age is not realistic and we have multiple examples of many whose life was much, much shorter and sometimes ended without a whole lot of advance notice.

My purpose here is not to be morbid or to get anyone nervous. It is simply a reminder that ultimately we only have now and now is the time that offers us the opportunity to pursue or to move forward on those things in life that we have or are tempted to put off for later.

What does this include? It includes such things as spending time reflecting on God, talking to that family member we have avoided for all too long, beginning that long sought hobby, or completing that dream project. Whatever is not as important as moving on it.

You may counter “If I do everything now what will I do if I do live to be 120 years old?” Well, if that is the case you can look back with a whole lot of satisfaction that you did not leave things undone. You accomplished a variety of things in your life, some big but many probably relatively small. The sense of satisfaction however will be that you actually didn’t wait but moved forward when you did.

Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Is that life at mid-point, 1/6th, or 1/3rd? Hard to say. But we have today to begin that sense of satisfaction that we did what we knew we needed to do. I don’t think you can sum up a well spent life in a much better way than that.

Thought for the Week: “Today IS the first day of the rest of my life.” How will I spend it?”

Have a great week ahead!

Fr. Richard

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