Pastor’s Corner

September 17, 2017

Dear Parish Family,

I thought I would give you a “heads up” because I’ll be away from the parish quite a bit over the weeks ahead.  It seems like late September-early October is a great time to schedule meetings.  And so it is!

For a few days this coming week I will be here but will be attending the annual priests’ convention held for the priests of our Archdiocese.  This year, similar to every several years, the convention is for all priests of the state of Louisiana.  What happens at such a meeting?  There are various talks by outside speakers as well as the Archbishop, Liturgies, and exhibits by various contractors who sell items that might be of interest to parishes or priests.  Every diocesan priest and every religious pastor is mandated by Archbishop Aymond to attend this annual meeting.  So I’ll be there!

The next week I will be flying to our Redemptorist retreat center on the New Jersey shore to attend two back to back week long meetings.  The first is the III Phase of our recent General Chapter which was held in Thailand last November.  Some of you might remember that I was gone for that.  We have an additional meeting as part of that General Chapter at which we will look at the decisions we made in Thailand to see how they are going and to further plan for implementation of other decisions over the next six years. Our Superior General from Rome and some of his council will be present.  This meeting will involve all General Chapter delegates from the North American Conference.

The following week, also at our New Jersey retreat center, is the annual meeting of the North American Conference Assembly. This meeting is for the province leadership and elected representative of each province in North America.  At this meeting we will discuss the status of the Redemptorists in North America as well as do some planning in areas where we can collaborate beyond province boundaries.

After being here for Family Day on October 8th I’ll be leaving for our Local Superiors’ meeting at another of our retreat centers, this one in Oconomowoc, Wisconsin.  At this meeting the local superiors from each of our communities in the Denver Province will come together with province leadership to discuss the status of our province, review what happened at the two meetings I referred to above, and see how we can mutually support one another in our efforts.

Finally, the weekend after that meeting I’ll be at St. Michael in Old Town (Chicago), where I was stationed before I came here to New Orleans, to preach for our Co-Redemptorist Association.  We will have our own Co-Redemptorist opportunity the last weekend of October.  Following that weekend, fortunately, I’ll return here to New Orleans and just “stay put” for a long, long time.

So that’s the weeks ahead.  Since I’m the only member of this local Redemptorist community who has to attend these meetings, everyone else should be here as usual.  At the same time, you and your prayers and the local Redemptorists and their ministry will be with us to bolster up the work of the Redemptorists here and around the world.  A great support indeed!

Thought for the Week: My mother taught me about stamina; “You’ll sit there until all that nutria is gone.”

Have a great week ahead!

Fr. Richard

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