Hospitality Committee
In an effort to further develop a sense of community among parish members and visitors to our parish community, on the second Sunday of each month immediately following the 10:30 a.m. Sunday Mass, coffee, orange juice and a variety of baked goods are served to all.  Everyone is welcome to bring baked goods or beverages to support this community activity.

Vision Committee
This committee assists the pastor in assuring that the mission of our parish is being promoted through the various parish committees, activities, and possible new initiatives.  This committee meets monthly.

Finance Committee
Assists the pastor in assuring the good stewardship of the financial and material possessions (buildings) that are part of the parish.  Prepares and reviews the parish budget, plans for capital improvements, contracts, and methods of financial accountability.  This committee meets monthly.

Human Concerns Committee
Assists the parish in addressing various human concerns of parish members as well as the wider community.  Coordinates the monthly food drive for those in need, tutoring at St. Alphonsus Grade School, serving meals with the Catholic Workers at Hope House, and conducting other activities consistent with helping the marginalized and most vulnerable of our society/neighborhood.  This committee meets monthly.

Liturgical Design Committee
Assists in the creation of liturgical symbols and decorations in our church to enhance the celebration of Church feast days as well as other Church events.  It encourages greater awareness of our celebrations as well as aiding the worship experience.  This committee meets monthly.

Marketing Committee
This committee reviews our media efforts (print as well as electronic) to enhance our parish community’s understanding as well as the wider neighborhood’s awareness of our parish and its offerings.

Adult Social Group
Encourages our young adults as well as those who are young at heart to greater social interaction by organizing opportunities to go to places and events taking place in our city that one would enjoy attending with other parish members.

The Sacred Space Cleaners
The Sacred Space Cleaners are parish volunteers who faithfully gather to clean and spruce-up the church.  They dry mop the sanctuary, vacuum the floor, dust the pews, and replace worship aids to their proper location.
Contact Person: St. Mary’s Assumption Church – Angie Flowers (504) 891-3363
St. Mary’s Chapel – Carol Wilkerson (504) 458-7181

Outdoor Maintenance
Assists in doing yard work and some planting around St. Mary’s Assumption Church and St. Mary’s Chapel.
Contact person: St. Mary’s Assumption Church – Angie Flowers (504) 891-3363 or Ann Anderson (504) 891-8207

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