As Catholics, we are encouraged to share what we have with others, to respect our neighbors as ourselves and to assist those less fortunate. We typically respond to this request when asked and proceed to go about our daily lives until the next request is heard.


What most individuals do not realize is that by sharing of ourselves and helping those around us, we are, in essence, practicing Christian stewardship.


In fact, “stewardship” reaches far beyond financial contributions and encourages Catholics to live their lives as disciples of Jesus. Equipped with this knowledge, we have the power to change how we understand and live out our lives, beginning a life-long process of sharing our gifts of time, talent and treasure out of gratitude, not out of obligation.


Living our baptismal promises and becomes the motivational force behind our actions.

Please consider giving your gift of time, talent, and treasure to support St. Alphonsus Parish’s mission and its related activities.  Call the Parish Office (504) 522-6748 for more information as well as how you can give electronically through On Line Giving.