Our Mother of Perpetual Help Traveling Icon and Novena

The Jubilee Missionary Icon of Our Mother of Perpetual Help was displayed in St. Mary’s Assumption Church December 11-25, 2016. There were nine days of preached novenas, as Redemptorists Fr. Richard Thibodeau, Fr. Allan Weinert, Fr. Gerard LaPorte, Fr. Harry Grile, Fr. Maurice Nutt and Deacon Kevin Zubel continued to “make her known.”


Family Day

The day began with 10:30 am Mass at St. Mary’s Assumption Church with a jazz band.  The band led all into the courtyard where there was food, drink, music, fun and games.

We are reminded year after year that we are definitely a parish family, connected to each other through our faith.  St. Alphonsus Parish truly is our home.


Homecoming Day

On our third Homecoming Day Sunday, May 22, 2016, all are welcomed “home” to reminisce and refresh memories.
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Homecoming Day is when we open our doors even wider than usual to men and women who are part of the fabric of the living history of St. Alphonsus Parish and its related ministries on our campus.


Grand Rapids Visits New Orleans

Fourteen members of St. Alphonsus Parish, Grand Rapids, MI, visited St. Alphonsus Parish, New Orleans to engage in a mission trip. While here they assisted in painting, cleaning, installing a toilet, and spreading cheer to our senior citizens as well as many other members of our neighborhood. This is the second time a group has come down from St. Alphonsus and we are so grateful to have this partnership with another Redemptorist parish.

On Line Giving

The parish has inaugurated its On Line Giving Program. This program will assist our parish members as well as those who are visiting to make regular or one time donations to our parish operation or to our ongoing building restoration needs. In a matter of minutes one can sign up on our web site and in a very planned way determine how they wish to financially assist their parish. The amount determined can always be re-visited as circumstances change. It’s especially helpful for the person who travels a lot on weekends and has this part of life predetermined.